In This Way

by Jeremy Legault

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"In This Way" is a song that I began recording just 3 days after returning from a powerful 5 month excursion through Oregon, NorCal, O'ahu and Hawai'i island. The lyrics, melodies and composition are highly reflective of this journey and the love, bliss, adventure, freedom, breakthroughs, manifestations, sickness, challenge, synchronicities, growth, hope and wonderment that was experienced therein.

The lyrical theme is a personal reflection on what it means to fearlessly and open heartedly share your gifts and your truest essence with the whole world or with a loved one in these times of great healing.

This song is part of a full length album that is currently in the works! :)

Many thanks for the support! <3


Lyrics ::

We share our hearts in this way,
And it just seems we always surrender to love and fall away, fall away, I say

Yes, I am a man cruising through this world of confusion,
Questioning the infrastructure, discerning illusion,
Staying positive, hopeful, coping, open to solution,
They've stolen the blood and the land and the water and there's no substitution,
My internal guidance saying move out to the coastline,
Where people join their hands in circles understand there's no time,
To waste away the days are graced with magic in the mountains,
All of my tears they represent reactions of confoundment,
To the healing that's revealing all my wounds and imperfections,
To the nourishment encouraging me always to be flourishing here within the four directions,
To the people who share their love and their gifts I'm cherishing our connection,
Sacredly we're twisting, yes, I will be listening in reverence to her reflection,
Grateful for the guidance that resides inside our heart,
Languages unspoken, yet we've come so very far,
The medicine whispers secrets to remind us who we are,
Beacons of the love and light we're conscious cosmic stars,

Shiva and shakti, the king and the queen,
Soak in the river its time to get clean,
Turning the chapter surrounded in green,
Deep in the valley is our place to be,
Destination, could it ever be reached?
Don't question her ability to teach,
Open your heart up to infinity,
Flowing like lava straight into the sea,
True love is the medicine it's the bond between every atom,
In the throes of ecstatic dedication transformation happens faster than you can imagine,
One can scarcely fathom how it feels to be seen in a true sense of presence,
Behold the landscape of all existence reflected back in her feminine essence,
Were purifying in this holy connection,
My eyes are open to new thoughts and perceptions,
My body's pulled into a brand new direction,
Built a foundation but it's time for the next one,

Yes, my people, the time has now come once again for us to offer ourselves to the universe with a wide, wide open heart, so wide open to the infinite expanses of the universe, so infinite she is and so reflective a vessel she is,
And the time has now come for us to all join hands and march forth into the waters with these flames at our back, with these flames to carry our inspiration,
In the ashes we will crystallize a brand new world where we can carry the medicine of love, truly,
With the love light in our eyes as one community, once again we are coming back home.


released February 24, 2017
Written, Performed, Recorded and Mixed by Jeremy Legault at J-Dub studio.



all rights reserved


Jeremy Legault Toronto, Ontario

Jeremy Legault is a Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist and Mix engineer. As a songwriter Jeremy plays a blend of Reggae, Folk, Conscious Rap, Dub, and Ambient. Jeremy plays an ecstatic live set balancing well crafted compositions with spontaneity. As a producer he is currently running "J-Dub Studio" and as an event organizer he runs "One Heart", a conscious concert organization. ... more

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